2300 V isolated EiceDRIVER 2L-SRC Compact: Optimizing system efficiency


Highest efficiency is a key requirement for today’s power electronics. Therefore, Infineon Technologies introduces its latest isolated EiceDRIVE 2L-SRC Compact (1ED32xx) gate driver family in a compact form factor. The gate driver family comes in an 8 mm wide-body package to ensure easy design-in and integrates a two-level slew rate control, which significantly improves system efficiency. With high voltage and high safety capabilities, the product family is suitable for applications with demanding isolation requirements, such as 1700 V industrial drives. Furthermore, it is a perfect match for applications including solar systems, uninterruptible power supplies and EV charging.

The 1ED32xx family optimizes the gate driver circuit to balance the reduction of dv/dt and electromagnetic interference (EMI) during start-up and light-load operation, as well as minimizes switching losses during high-load operation. The slew rate can be adapted on-the-fly during operation, enabling system output power to be optimized without changing the BOM and without compromising EMI behavior.

The gate driver family provides driving currents of 10 and 18 A. It also includes a Miller clamp that is highly recommended for power switches that use 0 V turn-off to avoid parasitic turn-on. With voltage ratings up to 2300 V, it supports power switches far beyond 1200 V blocking voltage. Furthermore, UL 1577 and VDE 0884-11 (reinforced isolation) certificates ensure superior application safety and guarantee long operating life.


The EiceDRIVER 2L-SRC Compact family can be ordered now, the evaluation boards EVAL-1ED3241MX12H and EVAL-1ED3251MX12H will be available soon. More information is available at www.infineon.com/gdisolated. Infineon’s comprehensive EiceDRIVER portfolio will be showcased at the Virtual Power Conference, which complements “PCIM Europe digital days.”

Infineon’s Virtual Power Conference 2021

Experience the difference in Power – Power semiconductors are the key to an energy-efficient world. New technologies such as silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) enable higher power efficiency, smaller form factors and lower weight. Silicon also plays a major role in many designs. Energy efficiency is the focus of the “Virtual Power Conference,” which will be available ‘live’ from May 4 to 6, 2021. As a leading supplier of power semiconductors, Infineon will use the exclusive digital platform to present technologies and systems that generate energy more efficiently, transmit and distribute with lower losses, and showcase a wide range of energy-efficient applications. Focus areas comprise the verticals Industry, Transport & e-Mobility and Consumer. The online platform opens its doors starting 4 May 2021. Please click here to register.

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