Mouser and Molex create New Site for Medical Technology


Mouser Electronics and Molex have partnered to create a new resource site devoted to solutions for the medical industry. Design engineers can access the platform by visiting

Technological innovations have enabled medical solutions to become more effective, safer, and more comfortable. The new medical resource site from Mouser and Molex provides a one-stop resource for the products, technical specifications, and development insights needed to create the next generation of medical devices. Included are more than 20 technical articles, each providing key insights on the challenges of unique use cases. Each article includes product information for relevant Molex solutions, connecting designers to the information and products required to develop each solution.

Mouser offers a comprehensive selections of Molex products, including a range of application-specific solutions for medical devices. Molex’s suite of MedTech solutions are based on the company’s electronics expertise and the industry’s technical breakthroughs, supporting applications such as surgical robotics, pharmaceutical delivery, and imaging systems. MedTech solutions from Molex include diagnostic, monitoring, and therapeutic solutions that deliver technical advances for a wide spectrum of medical care. The Molex Easy-On FFC/FPC connectors are ideal for tight-packaging applications, securing the connection between the flat flexible cable (FFC)/flexible printed circuitry (FPC) and the connector terminals for electronic equipment. Molex continually develops higher-density, lower-profile connectors to meet the demands of electronic device designers.

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